The Story Behind

Zeitgeist Academy

Making music come alive!


noun, often capitalized zeit·geist \ ˈtsīt-ˌgīst , ˈzīt- \

the general intellectual, moral, and cultural climate of an era

Usually translated as "spirit of the times."

It's impossible to separate a piece of music from the unseen forces swirling about when someone created it. Gossip! Fashion! Politics! Cuisine! Entertainment! Philosophy! When you tap into those forces and connect to people across the world and through the centuries, music comes to life like you've never imagined!

All music comes from somewhere, and all music has a place today.

I created the Zeitgeist Academy to make music come alive for EVERYONE. There are a lot of places out there that cater to kids: and yes, we love kids and absolutely have lots of cool stuff for them. But adults need music just as much! You don't want to be stuck in a stuffy recital hall, shaking with nerves. You want to play for yourself, jam with your friends, maybe join a choir or a band.

The Zeitgeist team does things a little differently. Most music academies have a place you go to take lessons...and that's about it. But outside the walls of an "academy," music is being made in communities.


I don't have a physical location, so I'm able to keep costs down for YOU. I contract local teachers who are well qualified and let them do what they do best. Some come to you, some you meet. I carefully vet the teachers who work with me: not just for teaching ability (though that plays a big role) but for enthusiasm and alignment with the Zeitgeist values. Every member of our team wants to make music, wants you to make music, and however that expresses itself for you we celebrate it.

Then, we go OUT.

Community Programs

Global music is made locally--a music academy that doesn't engage in the community is missing the point! There's a true value in studying and learning on your own, but we also live in a rich world with musical events everywhere. Throughout the year I coordinate community programs to help everyone learn more about something new: whether it be a musical, a performance group, or the symphony. I am especially committed to cross-cultural exchange.

Tone Deaf to Tuned In

I am incredibly passionate about helping amateurs get comfortable making their own music! If you feel uncomfortable at ALL making music--singing or playing an instrument---I'd love to talk with you about it! Check out my tone deaf program particularly if you think you might be tone deaf (chances are you're not!) and let's get you singing!

Who am I?

Morgan Roe is a performer, teacher, speaker, and anthropologist. After conquering her own false beliefs about what makes a “successful” musical career and finding a her perfect musical journey, Morgan specializes in working with adults who want to make music by removing the stigma that music is an “inclination.”

Dipping into her anthropological training to understand the cultural forces that create music, she founded the Zeitgeist Academy to educate and support people at all stages of their musical journeys to understand that all music is relevant, and everyone can make it.